Our story begins with our founder designing her own cowboy boots as she couldn't find the style and quality she was looking for.  While wearing them, strangers would stop her and ask about them and inquire where she got them.  She started making them for others, and soon a company was formed in Montana.


The designer lives in the mountains north of Yellowstone Park on a remote and off-grid property.  She adores the Rocky Mountains (the Rockies), where she can be found skiing, hiking, fly fishing, horseback riding, or simply enjoying the western way of life.


Born in Italy, she was raised in her mother’s shop where she learned about design, quality and the value of tradition. A rebel at heart, she did not fit the mold and in her early teenage years, she would travel to the United States on her own, working to pay her own board and lodging.  She moved to the United States in her twenties for a few years before returning to the road to travel around the world.  She has spent the last 10 years working in the most luxurious of industries, honing her appreciation for fine craftsmanship.


The products we sell are made from the finest raw materials, which she personally selects, and ships to great artisans in Europe and the United States, whom she also considers friends.


Wearing Rockies Rebels is a personal statement about how much you value the western tradition, its history, and values, as well as an appreciation that the western tradition will only survive if the same rebellious courage against the status quo that made the Wild West legend, is preserved.