New Boots

Exotic leather boots are the most snug when worn for the first time. Therefore we recommend a few steps to ensure the best possible fit.

First, put on a pair of the nylon boot socks provided, and try sliding the boots on. Then, if they are still tight, add a second layer of boot socks with extra fabric at the toes.

If you are still having trouble fitting into the boot, you can place a plastic bag over your socks, and while holding onto the plastic bag handles, slowly slide your foot into the boot.

If you use a bootjack for removing your boots, align the bootjack with the back of the boot leather, rather than the heel, before pulling off your boot.

This will help prevent any damage or scuffing. We advise against using a shoe horn because it can cause the fit to deteriorate over time.

To preserve the look and texture of the leather, we recommend avoiding the use of leather conditioners and harsh cleansers.

Rockies Rebel's leathers are natural and some chemicals can potentially harm their longevity. Instead, use a slightly damp cloth to remove dirt.


Leather Quality 

Each exotic leather and material is chosen for its exceptional quality. Over time, leathers will deepen and soften. Marks and wrinkles are not flaws; rather, they are a reflection of the material's organic composition.

To ensure that your boot last a lifetime:

Clean | Use a soft cloth to gently remove dirt. Leather cleaners and conditioners are not recommended for exotic leathers. 

Storage | When stored keep boots cool and dry. Direct and constant heat can be damaging to your boots. If the boots get wet, dry with the boot trees inserted.